A Turn-Key US Presence For Global Startups

A recent Silicon Valley study asked mid to large enterprises about the importance of US presence, when it comes to purchasing from, or partnering with, foreign startups. The result: 78% of survey respondents replied that having a US in-market contact had a material impact on their decision to work with a startup partner.

For many International startups, opening an office and hiring local staff is both logistically and financially challenging. You may also not yet be at the stage of going “all-in”, or know what the makeup of that US team should be: Business Development, Sales, Marketing - or all three?

At the same time, a local virtual address is just not good enough. Yes, it’s a local zip code, but more important is the resource to field US inbound opportunities quickly, in-person, or provide US market growth and marketing guidance and execution. Web conferencing is fine, but face-to-face, pop-up meetings are frequent and important in Silicon Valley.

And when you ARE ready to pull the trigger and open locally, how do you find reputable HR, Legal and Office Space resources? That can be overwhelming.

AvH Associates provides you with this one-stop US Market Presence.

What we offer:

  • A local San Francisco Bay Area address

  • Same-day response to incoming US Sales, Partner and Marketing inquiries

  • A local, experienced Sales, BD and Marketing resource to attend in-person meetings

  • US Marketing, BD and Sales Program Development, Support & Management, as needed

  • Coordination with vetted US HR, Legal, Office vendors for when you’re ready to make it permanent

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